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  • We use a pot or a PB (pint bag) to grow plants in different grade variants. A pot and its size is pretty self-explanatory: a 2.5 litre pot is exactly that:  it has a volume of 2.5 litres. A PB, or pint bag, is slightly different. If you see a PB5, it means it holds 5 pints of volume. A pint is 600ml, so 5 pints in a 5PB is roughly 3L.
  • Plants are seasonal, living, breathing things. A plant is not like a cake –  we can’t just whip something up for you on demand!  If you know what you want, do order ahead of time to ensure availability at planting time.  This applies especially to eco-sourced revegetation species – it takes a MINIMUM of ONE YEAR from seed collection to produce a plant that will survive in the wild.  Most species will grow 18 months to 2 years in the nursery before they are ready to be planted out, particularly podocarps.  Some seeds can take two years or more just to germinate. Climatic variations mean some years there is no seed of a species available.
  • Eco-sourcing is collecting wild native plant seeds from an area close to where they are to be planted. Growing from seed ensures wider genetic diversity, and it’s an important part of a restoration project. It means the plants will be suited to local conditions and more likely to survive. Using ecosourced native plants helps maintain an area’s unique local characteristics and avoids the risk of planting species which are not endemic to the local area and which could become invasive.
  • We generally recommend planting from autumn through to early spring.  This is usually a time of good rainfall which means soil moisture levels are good.  It allows plants to get their roots established before summer soil and air temperatures rise.  If you’re planting in an area prone to severe frosts, you may be best to hold off planting susceptible species until the risk of heavy frosts has passed.
  1. Absolutely we can!  We’ll advise you as to what conditions suit each of your chosen species best.  We can do this with you on-site at your location if you would find this beneficial.  We will never sell you plants that are not suited to your site and needs.  We also have a number of resources you can access online – check out our Links & Resources page for more information.
  • We have fertiliser tablets available in the nursery.  We don’t generally hold stocks of other planting accessories but will suggest products and suppliers best suited to your needs.  We recommend biodegradable products such as Em-GuardsTM  or Eco Gard – items can be supplied individually or as a complete kit.
  • We grow a very limited range of non-NZ-native plants.  We don’t grow fruit trees or other food-producing crops, but can readily source these for you as part of a complete planting package.  Simply contact us for details.