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Best-in-class seeds and cuttings

We can provide eco-sourced plants enabling you to restore the natural environment in your area. We are the first to be granted DOC approval for cuttings and seeds. Eco-sourced seed ensures we are producing native plants genetically adapted to a specific region, its climate and soils, and any of its unique qualities or adaptations particular to that environment or ecological system.
In 2018, we received recognition for our work in conservation from the NZ Plant Conservation Network.
We can prepare staged planting plans for your site, and eco-source the seed to enable you to bring your project to fruition.

Highest Success Rate

Our plants are hand-reared and grown outdoors in our local climate in a sustainable way. We do not ‘force-feed’ in order to accelerate a plant’s growth and appearance for sale (as some of the bulk suppliers in the market place do) – this often produces top-heavy growth with no substantial root system to sustain the plant once it leaves its cosseted indoor environment and makes its way into your garden. Neither do we speed up growth through the use of artificial daylight – we just let nature do what it does best.

We stand behind wehat we sell

We don’t grow what’s in ‘fashion’ ; we grow strong and durable plants that are genetically suited to our environment, that will stand the test of time. We produce high quality plants suited to our local conditions, and we stand behind what we sell.

Root-trainers for revegetation plants

We grow our revegetation-grade plants in Tinus root-trainers. These plant systems have been employed in NZ successfully for many years. The root-trainers produce plants with a deep root system and prevents spiralling of roots which can occur in pots and bags, by channelling the roots vertically. They are air pruned at the base. This system enables us to grow crops of plants on a large scale using less physical space in the nursery, making these a much more affordable option for mass planting. Plants produced in this way are healthy and hardy, with a sturdy, sizeable root mass that will support strong foliage growth. They have a consistently low mortality rate in what can sometimes be harsh planting environments (such as bare ground, cold or very windy sites).

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